Bank Holidays Calendar 2016

MaximusFX is pleased to provide its clients with a full national bank holidays calendar. The table below shows all national holidays for 2016 in the following countries: EU, China, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Japan and the United States. Keep in mind that trading during holidays is closed or restricted. As a trader, you should consider this information when planning your trading strategy.





January 1 Australia AUD New Year
January 1 United Kingdom GPB New Year
January 1 Germany EUR New Year
January 1 USA USD New Year
January 1 France EUR New Year
January 1 Canada CAD New Year
January 1 Japan JPY New Year
January 1 Switzerland CHF New Year
January 1 Russia RUB New Year
January 1 China CNH New Year
January 1 New Zealand NZD New Year
January 2 Switzerland CHF St. Bertold Day
January 6 Germany EUR Epiphany
January 7 Russia RUB Orthodox Christmas Day
January 11 Japan JPY Coming of Age Day
January 18 USA USD Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 26 Australia AUD Australia Day
February 8 New Zealand NZD Waitangi day
February 8-12 China CNH Lunar New Year
February 11 Japan JPY National Day
February 15 USA USD Washington's Birthday
February 23 Russia RUB Defender of the Fatherland Day
March 8 Russia RUB International Women's Day
February 15 Canada CAD Family Day
March 21 Japan JPY Spring Equinox
March 25 Australia AUD Good Friday
March 25 United Kingdom GBP Good Friday
March 25 Germany EUR Good Friday
March 25 USA USD Good Friday
March 25 France EUR Good Friday
March 25 Canada CAD Good Friday
March 25 Switzerland CHF Good Friday
March 25 New Zealand NZD Good Friday
March 28 Australia AUD Easter Monday
March 28 United Kingdom GBP Easter Monday
March 28 Germany EUR Easter Monday
March 28 France EUR Easter Monday
March 28 Switzerland CHF Easter Monday
March 28 New Zealand NZD Easter Monday
April 25 Australia AUD Memory Day
April 25 New Zealand NZD Memory Day
April 4 China CNH Tomb Sweeping Day
April 29 Japan JPY Showa Day
May 1 Germany EUR Labor Day
May 1 France EUR Labor Day
May 1 Russia RUB Labor Day
May 1 Switzerland CHF Labor Day
May 2 United Kingdom GBP Bank holidays
May 2 China CNH Labour Day
May 3 Japan JPY Constitution Memorial Day
May 4 Japan JPY Greenery Day
May 5 Japan JPY Children's Day
May 5 Switzerland CHF Ascension Day
May 9 Russia RUB Victory Day
May 16 Switzerland CHF Whit Monday
May 23 Canada CAD Victoria Day
May 30 United Kingdom GBP Bank holidays
May 30 USA USD Memory Day
July 6 New Zealand NZD Queen's birthday
July 9-10 China CNH Dragon Boat Festival
June 12 Russia RUB Russia Day
June 13 Australia AUD Queen's birthday
July 1 Canada CAD Canada Day
July 4 USA USD Independence Day
July 18 Japan JPY Navy Day
August 1 Switzerland CHF National Day
August 1 Canada CAD Civic holiday
August 29 United Kingdom GBP Bank summer holidays
September 5 Canada CAD Labor Day
September 5 USA USD Labor Day
September 15-16 China CNH Mid-Autumn Festival
September 19 Japan JPY Respect for the Aged day
September 22 Japan JPY Autumn equinox day
October 3 Germany EUR German Unity Day
October 3-7 China CNH National Day
October 10 Japan JPY Sports Day
October 10 Canada CAD Thanksgiving day
October 26 New Zealand NZD Labor Day
November 3 Japan JPY Culture Day
November 4 Russia RUB Unity Day
November 23 Japan JPY Labor thanksgiving day
November 24 USA USD Thanksgiving day
November 24 USA USD The day after Thanksgiving day
December 23 Japan JPY Emperor's Birthday
December 23 United Kingdom GBP Christmas eve
December 23 Germany EUR Christmas eve
December 23 USA USD Christmas eve
December 23 France EUR Christmas eve
December 23 Switzerland CHF Christmas eve
December 26 United Kingdom GBP Christmas
December 26 Australia AUD Christmas
December 26 Germany EUR Christmas
December 26 USA USD Christmas
December 26 France EUR Christmas
December 26 New Zealand NZD Christmas
December 26 Switzerland CHF Christmas
December 26 Canada CAD Christmas
December 27 Australia AUD Boxing Day
December 27 United Kingdom GBP Boxing Day
December 27 New Zealand NZD Boxing Day
December 27 Canada CAD Boxing Day
December 27 France EUR Boxing Day
December 30 United Kingdom GBP New Year's eve
December 30 Germany EUR New Year's eve
December 30 France EUR New Year's eve
December 30 Switzerland CHF New Year's eve


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